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Welcome to Messenger Pictures Auto Official Site !

Messenger Pictures Auto allows you change your Windows Live Messenger display picture automatically.

All you have to do is to choose the folder where your avatars stored. After that this program automatically set these pictures as your display picture at a given period of time.

Messenger Pictures Auto is a freeware. It's very easy to use and available in many languages.

Messenger  Pictures Auto compatible with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.

In the new version you can view and save your friend's Display Pictures and
Copy Nicknames.

Why Messenger Pictures Auto is best software for messenger  ?

Change display picture automatically.

Browse all avatars for your contacts and copy what you want to images

    folder directly.

Browse all NickNames for your contacts and copy what you

    want to clipboard.

it's free and available in many languages.

Very small size in comparison with other similar programs.(668 KB)

Messenger Pictures Auto no need install any software  only MSN Messenger and not conflict with any program like Messenger Plus! Live you can use all this software in same time.

Messenger Pictures Auto has been translated into many languages, but you can also create your own translation if this one doesn't exist yet.

for more information about translation please visit translation page.

Here's a Messenger Pictures Auto Screenshots  Click on image to enlarge:



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