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How to show Home button in Google Chrome

Home icon in Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser comes default Home Page icon has disappeared from the browser interface.Most users interested in the existence of this icon in a place close to the address bar, so that he could at any time refer to the main page quickly.

How to Adjust Brightness on Laptop Screen?

adjust brightness on laptop screen

When the brightness of the laptop screen you have a strong or weak, this may strain your eyes.

That the fn key on the keyboard performs multiple functions, including special function adjusts screen brightness to increase or decrease.

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

coloring pages for kids

Free coloring pages for kids

download and print free coloring pages for kids.

Stop the Windows Send Error Reports

error reports

When an error occurs in the system or in one of the programs are showing us a message stating that the application for approval to send the error report, which was created to help Microsoft to improve products.