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First you can  reset all data and start from new  always by choose reset command  form file menu.

this step will delete all data you can not restore.



Now start add your account to Personal Financial Management after you add the account number and names go to banking operations management and enter your current balance .



Next step choose setting from  file menu and add items of daily expenses. (you can add ten items maximum)


that is all ..


very important :

Any additional income or expenses additional  must you added to the program to obtain accurate reports.

you can make the program to autorun with windows this better to not forget add any operations finances.



you can monitor reports for banking operations or daily expenses by choose reports from file menu.


you can adjust Start finances monthly from setting choose start day example : when you receive your salary.


Chart windows is very  nice and important for monitor daily expenses.


Elements are arranged according to expenditure and the calculation of the percentage of each element.




monthly report give you summary for all banking operations and  daily expenses.



you can minimize program window to icon in task bar by choose (minimize window as icon) from setting window.







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